TAMED: with Professor Alice Roberts

TAMED: with Professor Alice Roberts
How do you tame wildness?

For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors existed in a world where they depended on wild plants and animals. They were hunter-gatherers – consummate survival experts, but taking the world as they found it.

Then a revolution happened: we started to domesticate wild species and they became crucial to our own survival and success. Join Alice Roberts as she delves into archaeology, history and genetics to reveal the amazing stories of the species that became our allies. From dogs, cattle and horses to wheat, potatoes and apples, find out how taming all these species has left its mark on them – and us.

This event is at the Pittville Pump Room.

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Tuesday 31st October 2017 - 7:30pm

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Tuesday 31st Oct 2017

Venue: Pittville Pump Room
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How do you tame wildness?

The Venue

Breathtaking, unique and radiating regency refinement, Pittville Pump Room is monument to the more than 100 years of fame Cheltenham enjoyed as a Spa town, and perhaps the most famous example of regency architecture in the area.

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