Terms and conditions


Ticket refunds and shows that have cancelled or rescheduled due to Covid

For tickets that have been transferred over to a new event date our standard refund policy applies. After agreeing to transfer you have 21 days to request an exchange of tickets for Cheltenham Trust account credit which can be used to purchase tickets for future events in any of our venues.

Vouchers are non-refundable and no customer account credit will be given in exchange of a gift voucher.

Please note we do not accept cash and only take card transactions. Customers are able to pay for tickets through our customer contact team, online and on the door with card.

Please check your tickets and order confirmations carefully.
Tickets may not be exchanged, nor refunded (unless cancelled or rescheduled due to Covid)
Please retain your ticket and proof of purchase.


 Ticket offers and discounts

Ticket offers and discounts are subject to availability for selected events and may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Ticket offers and discounts cannot be used retrospectively after original purchase. In the case of a 241 offer the lowest priced ticket will be deducted. Terms and conditions of sale apply to all ticket offers and discounted tickets. Ticket offers and discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or concessionary rates. Proof of eligibility may be required.

Conditions of sale

The Management reserves the right, in combination with any other statements or directives shown on the tickets or displayed on the premises to:

  • Refuse admission
  • Refuse admission to children under 16 years old when not accompanied by an adult
  • Refuse entry to and use on the premises of any camera or any form of audio or visual recording equipment
  • Request patrons to leave the premises
  • Conduct security searches to ensure safety of patrons
  • Delay entry of latecomers until a suitable break in the performance
  • Make any change whatsoever in the performance without compensation or consultation
  • Change patrons’ seating positions if necessary
  • Cancel or abandon the performance/event for reasons beyond its control without notice and without being liable to pay any person any guarantee that these will necessarily be available at the event
  • In the unlikely event of a performance being cancelled we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you using the details you provided us with at the point of booking
  • Customers must arrange to redeem refunds within 28 days of notification of a cancelled event
  • When refunds are completed, the transaction commission fee and postage fee on bookings will not be refunded.

Please check your tickets carefully.
Tickets may not be exchanged, nor refunded.
Please retain your ticket and proof of purchase.


Bag Searches

At Cheltenham Town Hall and Pittville Pump Room we want all our visitors to have the best experience possible. We take the safety and security of all our visitors very seriously and to this end our security team will undertake bag checks prior to gigs. We thank everyone who visits us for cooperating fully with all security checks so that we can all continue to enjoy the events in these historic venues.


As a Trust we are responsible for health and safety within our venues and so we need to ensure a safe environment for all patrons. We have had instances of alcohol abuse and confrontation on the premises and we are taking the necessary precautions to avoid these situations happening again so that everyone can have the best experience possible at our venues.


This policy is an extension of measures already in place to ensure the safety of our customers, but may cause additional queues and delays when entering the venue. Please bear this in mind when attending events at The Cheltenham Town Hall and the Pittville Pump Room. Please keep any personal belongings you bring into the venues to a minimum and adjust your travel time accordingly.


The Cheltenham Trust would like to reassure everyone attending the venues that the safety and security of our customers has always been, and continues to be, a high priority. Our security and safety policy reflects recent events that have taken place across the UK and Europe at other venues, and we do ask that customers be patient and understanding where this might impact on queue times. We will make every effort to communicate this information to customers as quickly and clearly as we can.


We would always recommend customers check the Cheltenham Town Hall and Pittville Pump Room website, Facebook and Twitter pages before they travel and that they arrive at the venue as close to the doors open time as possible to minimise any potential delays in accessing the venue.


We request customers keep the number of personal belongings brought to an event to a minimum and report any suspicious activity to a venue steward.


We do not permit people to bring banners, flags or whistles.  Other restrictions include alcohol, guns, knives, CS gas canisters and flares.


Dancing Policy


Cheltenham Town Hall is an iconic music venue and we want our customers to have a first class experience when they visit us. As a music venue, we understand that some shows encourage the audience to get out of their seats and dance at the front of the auditorium. In general we do not prevent customers from doing this as we wish our audience members to have a great time and enjoy the show.

However, if a member of the audience is obstructing the view of other audience members, we may ask them to sit down. If any behaviour is deemed to be unruly or inappropriate, that audience member may be removed from the venue.

Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the show!


Cheltenham Town Hall Bar

All customers are reminded that our bar opens 45 minutes before performances start.

We advise that customers arrive early to place drinks orders prior to the start of a performance and for the interval.

Please note the bar does experience large queues and unfortunately we can’t guarantee a drink less than 20 minutes before the show starts’.



To be able to continue to enrich the lives of residents and visitors to the town, we rely on the generosity of the general public, local business and funders. You will notice an option to add a donation to your ticket purchase, please help us raise £10,000 to support our community and young people’s education programmes.

Any online donations made will go directly to The Cheltenham Trust.


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Web language

All writing must be in plain English, using clear and concise sentences. The Trust acknowledges that there are those for whom English is not their first language living in our community. However Cheltenham is well served by a number of ethnic community groups. These groups provide support services when requested including interpretation and mediation with The Trust and other public agencies. Speakers of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese can translate the website by pasting the copy from our website into the Altavista Babel Fish online translator. The translations are not perfect but may aid understanding for speakers of these languages. For a locally based alternative to Babel, you can try Tapestry, (provided by Gloucester City Council), who provide translations and interpreting services in a variety of Asian, Southeast Asian, African and European languages.

Jargon and technical terms will be avoided. If they must be used they will be explained. Service or job titles which are obscure or technical may be translated into something more easily understood. Please contact us if you require any further information.